Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Corn free/gluten free list

In order to make the gluten free version of our corn free list a bit more streamlined, it is now converted into excel format and accessible through the link above.


(Just in case you need to cut and paste)

Note that I am now keeping track of products that have been removed either due to multiple corn reactions being reported or company ingredient change verifications by adding an x before the name of a product and using the strike out writing feature. I'll try to remember to put a note about why it's been removed.

Also, just a reminder that this list is intended only to be used as a guideline. There may be many more products out there that are corn free. If you know of some, let us know! When they are confirmed by trial and/or company confirmation they'll go on the list. Also, ingredients change quickly. Although the list is kept current to the best of my ability, I can't possibly keep up with potential ingredient or supplier changes. So always double check ingredients before using a product. If there is a product listed in error, or something has changed, let me know so I can update the list. Thanks!!!

Flour Tortillas

For those who can tolerate gluten, but not corn, Mi Casa flour tortillas have been confirmed corn free by a member of the Delphi forums. At this time, the Datem and monoglycerides are derived from Soy.