Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Bellaphoria - GLOW Mineral Hi-Lites Review

For those that can do Bellaphoria's powder products, you're going to want to hunt down their Hi-Lites product.

I was told it is not being sold online but only at certain distributors or something or other.  Basically, you Canadians are lucky ducks.

But I did convince them to send me one.

I really thought I'd hate it, but I wanted to try it.  And honestly being UNABLE to order it was driving me into a frenzy.

It's a very light sparkling powder with a shimmer effect is AMAZEBALLS for a night out.

Just that extra ... Something.. to complete your look.

Things you should note though... you have to put it on last. If you put anything over it.. at all.. it will disappear. 

A little too orange for my complete satisfaction (Bellaphoria if you're listening, I'd like it a bit more pinkish) but it's very light and just a little works. So you really don't see the orange once it's applied appropriately.  I use their Pink Blossom blush for reference which has no orangey color, most of their other blushes do have an orangey-ness to them so if you use one of those you likely will not notice this issue at all and think I'm nutballs. Which I kinda am, but that's another matter.

Oh, and Bellaphoria if you're listening... I'm also looking for a super shimmery bone color.. Like a shimmery eye shadow the color of your Platinum foundation or a little whiter.