About The Lists

The Lists were originally started by Violets (also known as Mistoviolets on Delphi Forums) and became an off-shoot of our combined research and news site: News For Corn Avoiders

As allergies progressed, Von took over aggregating the information into the Corn-Free List, and Violets (gluten-free herself) concentrated on the Corn-Free & Gluten-Free list which concentrates on corn-free items that are also gluten-free.

We do our best to make certain that the lists are geared to be completely corn-free and safe for even the most sensitive corn-allergic individuals. Thus the lists take quite a bit of time and effort as each item is investigated and each tester/guinea pig is reviewed for their own level of sensitivity and knowledge. Often to get the correct answers, you have to know the right questions which is difficult for even the most well-versed corn researcher. Which means, we ask questions about every submission unless submitted by an already vetted guinea pig.

We absolutely love getting submissions, reviews, and information from all our readers and do use them in making decisions about what gets included or removed from our lists.

If you need to contact us, please feel free to email us via the Administrator or individually.

Please note that the lists are not guarantees. We have no control over the manufacturers or their suppliers. This is simply an aggregation of information that we do our best to research and pull together.


If our research has helped you, please feel free to donate.