Monday, November 05, 2007

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter

I recieved an email that Skippy Natural has been confirmed through the company to be corn-free.

All ingredients were confirmed to be corn-free, including the salt. Ingredient list: Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Palm Oil, Salt.

Hidden Citric Acid

I doubt this is what Apac Chemical Corporation intended as the usefulness of its product information on Citric Acid, but nevertheless product guides like these are extremely important to us trying to avoid hidden corn.

Listed below are a few of the notable mentions for uses for citric acid of which people might not be aware:

Water Softener Salts: Both Home and Commercial water softener salts contain citric acid. (if you have a water softener, you may want to stop drinking the water straight from the tap, and invest in a filtration system)

Cigarettes: Citric acid controls the burn rate of the paper so it doesn't burn faster than the tobacco. Its also used on the tobacco to "balance the flavors".

Canola Oil: Many corn allergics have repeatedly reported problems with Canola oil. Well this article lists Canola Oil specifically as containing citric acid. Its used as a de-gumming agent.

Citric acid keeps it smelling fresh.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

AlgaeCal Calcium/Magnesium Supplement

An inquiry in July 2007 posted on Delphi -Avoiding Corn confirmed that the product was corn-free.

Unfortunately AlgaeCal no longer is. At the time of the inquiry, the company was in the process of switching out its bovine gelatin capsules (Capsugel) to a capsule derived from corn.

Do be cautious as their site still claims "corn-free" status, despite this switch to corn-based capsules.

Fred Meyer - Private Selection Organic Raisin Bran

A member of Delphi - Avoiding Corn did an indepth inquiry into Fred Meyer's Private Selection Organic Raisin Bran and the company confirmed that the cereal is corn-free.

As of yet, I don't know if anyone has tried this cereal. If you do try it, or if you currently eat it, do let us know how you do with it.

Organic Valley - Cheese

We'd posted about Organic Valley's unsafe cheeses on our sister site and in the beginning of starting this blog, but its been so long that I think a reminder/update is necessary.

According to a post on Delphi- Avoiding Corn, in April of 2007 Organic Valley reported that they use corn starch in packaging their cheeses.

Another poster claims Organic Valley does not use this process on their Sharp and Regular Chedder BLOCK cheese (not raw cheddar), but this hasn't been human tested to confirm.

So do use extreme caution with Organic Valley cheeses.. or just avoid them (which is the safer bet).

Traverse Bay Fruit Co. - Cherries

A inquiry (results posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn) into the ingredients of these dried cherries has confirmed them to be corn-free.

The ingredients used to make these cherries are: beet sugar, cherries, and sunflower oil.

As of yet, these have not been human tested.

Mariani Dried Cherries

A company response posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn confirms Mariani brand Dried Cherries to be corn-free.

The ingredients in the Mariani Dried Cherries is simply sugar and cherries. The company confirms that the sugar is from beets.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

OFF Bug Spray

OFF Smooth & Dry Bug Repellant contains cornstarch. Fortunately they promote this loudly on their advertisements.

Kettle brand Chips

An inquiry into Kettle Chips posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn, states that Kettle Chip Company has changed their processing of the potato chips.

The potato chips were removed from our list back in Dec 2006, due to multiple reaction complaints. However, with this new processing, I feel semi-confident in adding them back in temporarily.

The new processing lines for the chips has separated the potato chips from the same equipment as their corn chips. Hopefully this solves the problems people were having their chips.

Kettle chips Unsalted and Lightly Salted varieties will be added back to the list.. for now.

Please let us know if you're eating these and how you're doing.

Welch's Grape Juice

Just in case anyone had doubts. A post on Conner's Corn Allergens forum: Discussion: Welch's includes a testimony of company confirmation that the ascorbic acid in Welch's Grape Juice comes from corn.

Corn Fabrics

Because food isn't enough to worry about, they've put corn corn everywhere.

A post on Conner's Corn Allergens Forum under Discussion: Fabric Made From Corn lists the following fabrics or materials to watch out for:

Sorona (supposedly the new nylon)

PLAs - water bottles, shampoo bottles and even carpets.

Ingeo line of Bedding at Target (Ingeo is a corn-based fabric, and expanding to clothes and designer shirts).

Kira - durable, high performance fabric from corn - Herman Miller fabric. Used on systems panels, tackboards, screens, and Ethospace tiles.

Natureworks PLA - clothing, carpets, diapers, mattresses, upholstery, yarn.

Oh and Minnesota T-Wolves games - beer mugs made from corn.

Houston Nutraceuticals

A company response posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn about Houston Nutraceuticals Peptizyde and ZymePrime products, confirms that there is no corn in the products.

You can find these enzyme products as well as other products by Houston Neutraceuticals at their website.

CAUTION! I just recieved a notice that the chewable versions by Houston Neutraceuticals do contain corn (fructose), which one reader of this blog found out the hard way. She did state that the powders and capsules were safe though.

Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce (canned)

A">poster from Delphi - Avoiding Corn guinea-pigged this product, and reported a rather big reaction.

The poster states that the ingredients of the product make it look like a safe choice, but based on the reaction the product must have hidden corn derivatives.

Do use caution with this product.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Knudsen's Spritzers

Knudsen's Spritzers are tempting things to try and their ingredientslook fairly safe. You won't find citric acid or corn syrup.

Unfortunately they do contain the other scary ingredient (natural flavors) often seen in beverages, which can be completely safe or completely harmful.

An inquiry posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn confirms that Knudsen's natural flavors use corn alcohol.

For those that tolerate some corn derivatives, these may be worth a shot. But for anyone really sensitive, I'd avoid trying these.


A company response posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn confirms that the ascorbic acid and citric acids used in Hansen's products are derived from corn.

While juice was the initial inquiry in this instance, any Hansen's products with these ingredients should be considered unsafe. (which I think is all Hansen products)

According to Hansen's website, their products include:
Hansen's (several products which clearly state Hansen's on the label)
Blue Sky Sodas
Fizzit (vitamin & mineral drink)
Juice Slam boxes

Muti Bug Away

Muti Bug Away seems like a really safe product for corn-allergies. An ingredient list posted on Delphi - Avoiding Corn holds very little (if any) questionable ingredients.

Unfortunately at this time I have no knowledge that anyone has tested it out. If you have a corn allergy, and you've tried this product, do let us know.

Trader Joe's German-Style Beers

Trader Joe's German-Style Beers are supposed to be made according to the German Purity Law of 1516, and thus should logically not contain any corn.

Unfortunately, one testers experience did not agree, as she began reacting minutes after tasting a very small amount of the beer.

Publix Natural Peanut Butter

According to a poster on Delphi-Avoiding Corn, an inquiry into the ingredients of Publix's Natural Peanut Butter lead to the discovery of iodized salt in the product and thus should not be considered corn-free.

Do use caution with this product, and other store brands. Store brands are generally another company's product relabeled. Several different store brands could actually be the same product, just different labels. So do use caution with store brand Natural Peanut Butters.

Trader Joe's Fully Cooked Rice

Trader Joe's stores have a fully cooked brown rice and wild rice product that is shelf-stable (does not need refrigeration).

According to a company response posted on Delphi-Avoiding Corn, this product is corn-free including packaging.

Ecological Formulas -

A company response posted on Delphi-Avoiding Corn verifies that the source of's Corn-Free Vitamin C is a combination of beets and tapioca.

There is still cellulose in it which the source of that hasn't been identified. If anyone does feel brave enough to trial this product, do let us know.


A post on Delphi - Avoiding Corn forum details Zicam's response about the corn-free status of their product.

Zicam cannot confirm any corn-free status at this point.

As such, we assume they probably contain corn. So do use caution with their products.

Jones Soda - Cream Soda

Jones Soda has confirmed that their Cream Soda flavor is corn-free.

However, I've been assured that this is the only flavor of Jones Sodas that is corn-free.

Natura Pet Foods

I recieved a company response from Natura Pet Foods today, confirming all their canine products to be corn-free.

As a bonus, their EVO formula is 100% grain-free and should be safe then for a gluten-free household.

Natura Pet Products makes pet foods under the labels: Innova, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise, Mother Nature, and Karma.

** just a little tidbit for anyone interested, Natura Pet Food ingredients are all human grade so if anyone wants to eat them to try them out.. Let us know it goes. :)