Monday, September 30, 2013

Seeking Health - Kids Optimal Multivitamin

Seeking Health was questioned a couple times on whether their products were corn-free, and have stated that the product is corn-free. A recent email reply from them clearly defines what they consider "corn-free" so please use caution with their products.

"Vitamin C is synthesized using corn glucose as a starting material. The vitamin C is corn-free, i.e. free of corn allergen. B vitamins are chemically synthesized, except for riboflavin derived through a microbial fermentation process."

Here we consider things to contain corn if they are derived from corn as many people who are allergic to corn do react to the derivatives.

Some people have done well with a few of the Seeking Health products so total avoidance of their products may not be necessary for everyone, and this is one of the very few (if not the only) MTHFR based medications formulated for kids.  As such, those with MTHFR affected children may find the benefits of this multivitamin outweigh the negative.

But being informed of the risks is important, and caution is necessary.  If you know you or your child is too sensitive to tolerate any corn derivative, please refrain from trying this product.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Natural Factors B-12 methylcobalamin sublingual tablets

One of our Corn Allergy friends is currently taking Natural Factor's B-12 successfully. Again, as with all B-12, this won't be 100% corn-free due to the B-12 itself but if you need to take B-12 this might not be your worst option.

The inactive ingredients are: Lactose, cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate (vegetable grade)

The cellulose and the croscarmellose sodium are both supposed to be derived from pine. The stearate is from palm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doctor's Best B-12 & Folate

Several of our Corn Allergy MTHFR friends are looking into vitamin and mineral supplements for the treatment of MTHFR. The following are likely not to be 100% corn-free due to the way that B-12 itself is made. However these may be some good options for those looking for these supplements.

Doctor's Best - Best Fully Active B-12 (contains cellulose and modified cellulose from soft woods) (Amazon Link)

As of yet, these have not been human tested to see how corny they may be. If you do use these successfully, let us know.


Doctor's Best - Best Fully Active Folate
 (on 9/10/13 the product did contain just MTHF with rice flour as a filler and the capsule, and just a few days later, now contains ascorbic acid, likely from corn - AVOID.) (Amazon Link)

YS Honey - Multiple Reactions

YS Honey has looked promising for a while, but a recent uptick in reactions reported on our Facebook group has us concerned.

Please use caution with this honey... or better yet.. find a local supplier who you can trust to give you corn-free honey.

Monday, September 09, 2013

UNREAL Candies - Reactions

There's a post on UNREAL's facebook page in which Robyn O'Brien, the well-respected author of "The Unhealthy Truth", states that UNREAL is corn-free and safe for those with corn allergies.

Screenshot from UNREAL's FB Page

As much as we like what she's doing with food and educating people about the dangers of the current food system, we do want to make sure that those with a corn allergy do not take her advice here.

UNREAL is corn-lite at best. It looks better than 99% of the candies out there which can be deceiving for people with a corn allergy. Their candy does still contain traces of corn, and is not safe enough for someone with a corn allergy.

Several people with corn allergies have tried their products and reacted. Please use caution with their products!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

La Yapa Quinoa

You know you have a corn allergy when you see llama manure in a company's response and you get excited.

The following conversation was posted on our Facebook group as a Q&A with the owner of La Yapa quinoa:

"1.) Is your quinoa processed in a quinoa dedicated facility? Yes. It is a quinoa only facility located in Bolivia.

2.) How is the processing equipment cleaned? Just hot steam and pressurized water. No soap or bleach.

3.) Is you quinoa packaged in a quinoa dedicated facility? Quinoa and rice only in the packaging facility. Located in Sacramento, CA.

4.) What is used for pest control? Nothing is needed, because of the high altitude there are no bugs. Sometimes crops are lost due to rain but bugs are not an issue so they do not need pesticides.

5.) What is used for fertilizer? Llama manure."

This product is still being human tested. So it's unknown if it's safe in the packaging and shipping process. But it looks promising.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Canadian Corn-Free Foods List

We've expanded to Canada!  We have a wonderful woman working on our Corn-Free List for Canadian products.  You can see the list here: Canadian Corn-free List (this is a google doc, and you may have to be signed into Google to see it.)

Many products are different in ingredients between the USA and Canada, so a list for Canadians was getting more and more needed as corn allergies are seeming to become more prevalent.

We've also expanded our groups. There's a great group on Facebook for Corn Allergies & Intolerance in Canada which is moderated by the same woman who is working on our Corn-Free Canadian List.

If you're Canadian and avoiding corn, come join us on Facebook!

(If you're not a Facebook fan, you can also find our regular groups on Delphi - Avoiding Corn, Google+ Corn Allergies & Intolerance, and a similar group on Linkedin.)

Kiss My Face bar soap - reactions reported.

Due to multiple complaints of reactions to Kiss My Face pure olive oil soap, I'm posting a caution.

There are still some that are doing fine with this soap but there are increasing reports of reactions.

The latest reaction was due to accidental ingestion, so it's not only been skin reactions.

Please use caution with all Kiss My Face brand soaps, this was the only soap from them that was once considered safe.