Sunday, November 12, 2017

Corn Allergen List - Corn Derivatives

List of potential corn derivatives to avoid. This list was originally posted on Jenny Connor's website (, which she recently took down. We are working on an updated list, but for now this should be sufficient.

Acetic acid
Alpha tocopherol
Artificial flavorings
Artificial sweeteners (Equal, Splenda, etc and so on)
Ascorbic acid
Baking powder
Barley malt
Bleached flour
Blended sugar (sugaridextrose)
Brown sugar
Calcium citrate
Calcium fumarate
Calcium gluconate
Calcium lactate
Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)
Calcium stearate
Calcium stearoyl lactylate
Caramel and caramel color
Carbonmethylcellulose sodium
Cellulose microcrystalline
Cellulose, methyl
Cellulose, powdered
Cetearyl glucoside
Choline chloride
Citric acid
Citrus cloud emulsion (CCS)
Coco glycerides (cocoglycerides)
Confectioners sugar
Corn alcohol
Corn extract
Corn flour
Corn gluten
Corn oil
Corn starch
Corn sweetener, corn sugar
Corn syrup, corn syrup solids
Corn, cornflour
Corn, cornmeal
Corn, popcorn
Crosscarmellose sodium
Crystalline dextrose
Crystalline fructose
d-Gluconic acid
Decyl glucoside
Decyl polyglucose
Dextrose (also found in IV solutions)
Dextrose anything (such as monohydrate or anhydrous)
Drying agent
Erythorbic acid
Ethocel 20
Ethyl acetate
Ethyl alcohol
Ethyl lactate
Ethyl maltol
Ethylene Glycol
Food starch
Fruit juice concentrate
Fumaric acid
Germ/germ meal
Gluconic acid
Glucono delta-lactone
Glucose syrup (also found in IV solutions)
Gluten feed/meal
Golden Syrup
High fructose corn syrup
Hydrolyzed corn
Hydrolyzed corn protein
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (HPMCP)
Invert syrup or invert sugar
Iodized salt
Lactic acid
Lauryl glucoside
Linoleic acid
Magnesium fumarate
Magnesium Stearate
Malic acid
Malonic acid
Malt syrup
Malt, malt extract
Methyl gluceth
Methyl glucose
Methyl glucoside
Microcrystaline cellulose
Modified cellulose gum
Modified corn starch
Modified food starch
Mono and di glycerides
Monosodium glutamate
Natural flavorings
Oil, Canola
Oil, Vegetable
Paracetic Acid
PLA - Biodegradable Plastics
Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
Polylactic acid (PLA)
Polysorbates (e.g. Polysorbate 80)
Polyvinyl acetate
Potassium citrate
Potassium fumarate
Potassium gluconate
Powdered sugar
Pregelatinized starch
Propionic acid
Propylene glycol
Propylene glycol monostearate
Rice Syrup, Rice Malt, Rice Malt Syrup.
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Sodium citrate
Sodium erythorbate
Sodium fumarate
Sodium lactate
Sodium starch glycolate
Sodium stearoyl fumarate
Sorbic acid
Sorbitan monooleate
Sorbitan tri-oleate
Sorghum syrup
Starch (any kind that's not specified)
Stearic acid

Tocopherol (vitamin E)
Triethyl citrate
Unmodified starch
Vanilla, natural flavoring
Vanilla, pure or extract
Vegetable anything that's not specific
Vinyl acetate
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Xanthan gum
Zea mays


Sonya said...

Hi, I was just double checking the list I'd saved out years ago so I can bring a current copy to my medical team. While this list has one addition (allulose) to the list on my computer, I noticed that some items are no longer on the list:
• Simethicone
• Splenda (Artificial sweetener)
• Sucralose (Artificial sweetener)
• Sucrose
• Sugar* (not identified as cane or beet)

I"m curious if these accidentally overlooked, or did they come off the list for a reason?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this post.

Amburrito said...

I'm seeing Xylitol in a lot of fabrics that are moisture wicking or quick dry. Do you know if it's okay if they say that it's from birch or is there something about the process in general that is corny?

Anonymous said...

Xylitol from birch trees - even if corn-free- can cause allergic reaction via oral allergy syndrome if the user is allergic to birch trees via seasonal allergies.

Annie said...

Hoping to see an answer to Sonya's question.

Annie said...

Can any one answer Sonya's question?
It's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Bourbon is at least 50% corn

V said...

Sorry for the delay, Sonya.

Simethicone - we're researching this. It may end up back on.

Sucrose and Sugar are legally required to be cane or beet in the USA. That's why they were removed.

Sucralose should still be on there (it is Splenda).

Amy D said...

Why honey?

Gary P said...

Bees sometimes are fed corn syrup so they don't have to gather nectar.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why you stated that this was from another list recently taken down on another website but this website is a redirect from that one owned by the same person. Weird.

Jay said...

Why brown sugar? All brown sugar?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know that too

Anonymous said...

Anti-caking agent

Unknown said...

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis some years ago. I suspected a lot of my symptoms were food related, particularly soya. A food intolerance test highlighted maize as well so I did my best to eliminate this from my diet. Unfortunately maize or one of its derivatives is in everything shop bought, so we started cooking from scratch. I am off all medication and pain free unless I accidentally have something with maize or soya in it when I will know within 2 hours because one of my joints will become very painful. This list has helped enormously.

Unknown said...

Honey sometimes is not only from bees as some companies mix it with other things such as glucose, which can be derived from corn.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on the brown sugar question...If an anti-caking agent is used, doesn't it have to be listed as an ingredient? Dextrose is listed on my salt and corn starch is listed on my powdered sugar, so can I assume there's no added corn product in my food if it's not listed as an ingredient? If my honey says it's pure, can I assume it actually is?

Anonymous said...

Brown sugar has caramel coloring in it, which is from corn. Sometime there are derivatives from corn syrup too.

Jennifer said...

Why Molasses?

Unknown said...

I have Anaphylactic allergic reaction to corn, whether it is injested on topical and I can contest that alot of the list can be consumed by me. But to be fair about my statement is that I email companies all the time to make sure all ingredients are free of corn. I dont have any issue with wheat, rice or Oats at all, as long as they are pure. Brown sugar, Even Ginger Brand is corn free, basic brand from save a lot stores. I would just make sure you contact any companies and ask. Let them know why you are asking so they blow you off, or lie about. Had that happen.

Unknown said...

Even 100% pure honey can be from the bees being fed corn syrup. Its still pure honey but as its from corn it can still cause a reaction.

Unknown said...

Regarding honey: New Brunswick honey farmers informed me that honey is cut with corn syrup to make it pour easier. The ONLY type of honey that is NOT cut with corn syrup is RAW honey. You can tell honey is raw, because it crystallizes after only a few weeks old. Also, raw honey may be heated to facilitate its pourability. So, when you go to buy honey, and it's not fresh from the hive, and it's still liquid and pourable, it's been cut with corn syrup, and the US food law does NOT require that it be disclosed that corn syrup is in there! So, whipped honey is also safe, as raw honey is typically whipped to give it a pleasing, consistent texture for retail.

JeepNJen said...

It's not uncommon to use corn syrup to feed bees

Unknown said...

Why Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)?

Donna said...

Thank you for all the work you've put into this. I've been having a lot of problems with some foods but wasn't sure what was going on. Everyone always thinks it's gluten but it isn't. I just did an elimination diet and now I know it's a corn sensitivity. When I looked through your list I recognized some ingredients that I'm spotted in foods that made me sick.

Anonymous said...

I thought having an allergy to corn was all in my head. Finding this site was wonderful. I am surprised at all of this information. Thank you.

jenna. said...

Creamed honey is not whipped. To make creamed honey, they take dried honey or sugar crystals and grind them up super fine, then mix in to fresh honey. Honey naturally becomes crystalized, so seeding it with tiny crystals means that it follows suit and becomes tiny crystals...
Just like if you make fudge and get a sugar crystal in then the fudge becomes grainy.

Unknown said...

Thank you!!!!!

Crystal Lin said...

No, some processing aids do not have to be listed in the final ingredient list if it doesn’t provide any nutritional impact in the final product. For example, if an enzyme is used to make a product like HFCS, but it gets denatured by the time it gets to the final product, and it’s such a small amount it’s not detectable (but still present) then it doesn’t need to be declared.

Anonymous said...

Have not been vaccinated yet for Covid because I'm still researching the two ingredients that have caused most problems: Polysorbate 80 and PEG (polyethelene glycol). Have just found them on the list of corn derived products. And now, after further research have found that they are both strongly constructed from corn or derivatives. So have my answer. Have experienced anaphylactic shock from Benadryl and Tylenol. Both contain one or both of the above chemicals from corn. Also, both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines contain PEG and/or polysorbate 80. Best to go on a whole food plant based diet and cook everything from scratch to be safe.

Ailea333 said...

In response to "Anonymous said" From "September 08, 2021 11:35 AM" concerning PEG and covid vaccines...PLEASE where did you find your source for PEG being corn-based/derivative??? The polysorbate-80 was relatively easy to find and med resources list it easily in the J&J list of "inactive ingredients" and acknowledge it as j&J being contraindicated for those with corn allergies. But for Moderna and Pfizer it seems to be very guarded in linking PEG to corn. In order for my med provider to be willing to write a note for medical exemption I need clear connection for her, otherwise I will lose my job if not vaccinated or have approved medical exemption note.

Anonymous said...

Ailea333. In the very same predicament as you. I’d like to know where anonymous found that PEG is corn derived. It’s also in things like Allegra. To test IF you are allergic with your dr drink some Miralx and see if you have a reaction. It’s pure PEG. If you do your allergic !

Anonymous said...

Spoke to Pharmacist at Pfizer regarding their CoVid vaccine.
They let me know that they cannot assure that their vaccines are Corn Free because the Sucrose in their vaccine comes frpm two sources 1. Sugar Beet Juice and 2. Vegetable Origin.

They explained that sometimes the Vegetable Origin is derived from Corn. their vaccines contain a vegetable source and depending on the supplier,the vial may or may not be sourced from corn. In other words some are vegetable sourced from Corn and some are not. The problem is that Pfizer cannot tell you which vials have the Corn vegetable source and which do not. So we who have Corn allergies should not take the Pfizer CoVid Vaccine because you may be getting a shot that contains a Corn Vegetable Source.

Spoke with a Pharmacist regarding the J&J vaccine and he told me that their vaccine does Contain Ethanol which is derived from Corn Vegetable.

Spoke to Moderna for an extended period of time and unlike Pfizer and J&J, Moderna was not forthcoming with the source of the ingredients in their vaccine and refused to tell me whether or not any of their ingredients listed or unlisted are sourced from Corn. This prompted me to call the FDA, and demand that Moderna provide this information so that people who want to take the CoVid Vaccine can along with their Doctors decide if it is safe to take and if it contains any Corn. The representative at the FDA requested that I email everything we discussed which I have done, but to date there has been no response back from the FDA. People cannot make informed decisions if Companies like Moderna refuse to disclose information as to whether or not their ingredients listed and unlisted contain Corn. Their own package insert warns not to take their vaccine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the vaccine, but how can you or your doctor make an informed decision if they refuse to disclose the source of their ingredients. Pfizer and J&J did the right thing and let me know the source of their ingredients. This is something you cannot know merely by reading the ingredients on a label. Only the Company has the answer as to where there ingredients are sourced. Corn Allergy Friends, Call Moderna and call the FDA and Demand that Moderna do the same. We and many others with other allergies have a right to know. Our lives may depend on it!

Deana said...

Did you ever hear back? Doctors are refusing to do medical exemptions so we need to do our own research as always

Kara Nelson said...

Did you ever find out about simethicone? I saw it on another list and am wondering if it’s definitely been proven to be an issue.

Anonymous said...
This website shows PEG can be made from corn.
Also here's the link to the FDA's list of ingredients where it says do not take the modurna vaccine if you are allergic to any of these...

I am extremely allergic to corn and all derivatives. My doctor has said I am the only patient she has that she is not advising to be vaccinated.

I just wish that everyone who sells products had to list every ingredient no matter how minute. It makes a difference to a lot of us. And corn isn't one of the big 8 allergies so no one has a "corn-free" menu

Anonymous said...

Patient of mine who is highly allergic to corn (gets almost immediate reaction) & gluten (coeliac) took the Pfizer vaccine - has had all three vaccines, and didn't have any adverse symptoms related to her allergies, just the expected mild fever, soreness and fatigue for about 2 days related to the vaccine. Hope that helps.

Unknown said...

I am unable to process corn at a cellular level and can get quite adverse effects, especially when combined with NAgluten. I have had three Pfizer shots and have not had anything more than a bruised arm and feeling a little tired the next day.

Mike E said...

My wife has the corn allergy. Is there any fever reducer or pain meds she can take that are safe?

Skating Angel said...

I take cvs brand Tylenol and don't react. Specifically the gelcaps (blue and red pills) and specifically cvs. It's not specified the type of starch they use but by comparison target brand makes me cough and have itchy throat.

Anonymous said...

I take CVS brand ibuprofen and I don’t have any issues. In fact I take it when I have joint pain after corn consumption.

allergy west said...

I liked your work and the way in which you have shared this blog here what to do before allergy testing It is a beneficial and helpful blog for us. Thanks for sharing a blog like this.

Aunt#3 said...

I am flabbergasted that people would consider NOT being vaccinated against covid because of a corn allergy. The allergy predominantly manifests itself in a skin rash. Is that more dangerous than a covid infection????? Staff is at the ready with epipens.

dragon-67 said...

Aunt#3 good for you that you trust pfizer and other rapacious laboratory compagny. i also see that you have been brainwashed to think that you be safe because of your three dose of aluminum loaded vaccine, wait a few years to see the real effects of this untested poison and you will remember this when the time comes...

Robb said...

Hi there, I appreciate this list! Curious as to why Gellan Gum isn't in the list...It's in my coffee cream and I wasn't sure about it (as Xantham gum is corn derived) but upon doing some reading, isn't Gellan gum also a corn derivative? Thanks!

Sherri said...

I also appreciate this list - so great. Would corn be a product in the gel casing of vitamins? There is no information on any of the vitamin sites but I found a university study where they might use corn starch in the coating. If any knows that would be helpful.

Unknown said...

V said, "Sucrose and Sugar are legally required to be cane or beet in the USA. That's why they were removed." Perhaps, but sugar is frequently cut with corn starch for anticaking that is not listed in the ingredients, which I've confirmed with both manufacturers of SoyDelicious yogurt and Sunbutter. Please consider adding sugar back to the list. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) is derived from petroleum, not to be confused with Propylene Glycol, which is from corn. But I get a similar reaction from PEG as I do from corn derivatives.

BB said...

I'm a little late to address the covid vaccine, but this might still be useful. My daughter was just diagnosed with a verified corn allergy and had anaphylaxis to the Pfizer covid vaccine and Tdap. I would avoid.

Sameera Rao said...

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Anonymous said...

Very much appreciate this info.
If anyone is interested, there's a petition on "Urge Food Companies to Stop Hiding Ingredients:
"Protect People with Dietary Restrictions."

Katydid said...

Wow, this list is 3 times as long a the one I have, thanks for this. But, shouldn't gelatin be on here?

Kathleen said...

Came across this and thought it would be helpful to you all.

Anonymous said...

WOODSTOCK ORGANIC SWEET RELISH has corn derivatives, confirmed by the manufacturer in an email to me 3-12-24. Not all manufacturers will answer this question so very thankful this one did! I assume it's from the vinegar.
Wish I could find one that doesnt have bell peppers in it. :(

Anonymous said...

*CODEAGE, Liposomal Glutathione, 60 caps* 1000mg Phospholipid Complex

They emailed me, confirmed theres no corn or corn derivatives.
Also vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.
This L Glutathione formula contains no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Started taking this because *Researched Nutritionals, Tri-Fortify Lipsomal Glutathione* is derived from corn, learned the hard way.
*NOW Bromelain* veg cap's contain corn derivatives, confirmed in email. :(

Anonymous said...

NOW Foods has a corn-free product page
...listing the following items as corn-free (copied & pasted):

7-KETO® 25 mg Veg Capsules
Acacia, Organic Powder
Acidophilus Two Billion Veg Capsules
Activated Charcoal Veg Capsules
Agar Powder
Agave Nectar, Amber & Organic
Agave Nectar, Light & Organic
Alfalfa Seeds, Organic
Almond Flour, Organic
Almond Flour, Raw
Almond Oil
Almonds, Organic, Raw & Unsalted
Almonds, Raw & Unsalted
Almonds, Roasted & Sea Salted
Almonds, Salted Caramel
Aloe Vera 10,000 mg Softgels
Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg Veg Capsules
Amaranth Whole Grain, Organic
Apple Fiber Powder
Apple Pectin 700 mg Veg Capsules
Apricots, Unsweetened & Organic
Arginine & Citrulline 500 mg / 250 mg Veg Capsules
Arginine & Ornithine 500 mg / 250 mg Veg Capsules
Astragalus 500 mg Veg Capsules
Avocado Cooking Oil in Glass Bottle
Avocado Cooking Oil in Plastic Bottle
Bacopa Extract 450 mg Veg Capsules
Bamboo Silica Beauty Veg Capsules
Beet Root Powder
Beet Root Veg Capsules
Beet Sugar, Organic
Beta 1,3/1,6- D -Glucan 100 mg Veg Capsules
Beta-Alanine Powder
Better Off Red™ Rooibos Tea
BetterStevia® Liquid, Organic Glycerite
Biotin 10 mg (10,000 mcg), Extra Strength Veg Capsules
Black Chia Seeds, Organic
Black Cumin Seed Oil 1000 mg Softgels
Black Currant Oil 500 mg Softgels
Black Tea, Organic
Black Walnut Hulls 500 mg Veg Capsules
Bone Broth, Beef Powder
Bone Broth, Chicken Powder
Brazil Nuts, Organic, Raw & Unsalted
Brazil Nuts, Raw, Whole & Unsalted
Broccoli Seeds
Burdock Root 430 mg Veg Capsules
Buttermilk Powder
Cacao Nibs, Organic & Raw
Cacao Powder, Raw & Organic
Calcium Hydroxyapatite Capsules
Cane Sugar, Organic
Caprylic Acid 600 mg Softgels
Carob Powder
Cascara Sagrada 450 mg Veg Capsules
Cashews, Organic, Whole, Raw & Unsalted
Cashews, Whole, Raw & Unsalted
Cat's Claw 500 mg Veg Capsules
Cauliflower and Multigrain Elbows Pasta, Organic
Cauliflower and Multigrain Rotini Pasta, Organic
Chamomile Tea, Organic
Chlorella 1000 mg Tablets
Chlorella 500 mg, Organic Tablets
Chlorella Powder, Organic
Chondroitin Sulfate 600 mg Capsules
Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg Veg Capsules
Cinnamon Bark 600 mg Veg Capsules
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 800 mg Softgels
Cocoa Powder, Organic
Coconut Flour, Organic
Coconut Milk Powder, Organic
Coconut, Organic, Unsweetened & Shredded
Coconut Sugar, Organic
Cod Liver Oil, Extra Strength 1,000 mg Softgels
Collagen Joint Support Powder
Collagen Peptides Powder
Colostrum 500 mg Capsules
Colostrum Powder
CoQ10 100 mg Softgels
CoQ10 100 mg with Hawthorn Berry Veg Capsules
CoQ10 150 mg Veg Capsules
CoQ10 30 mg Veg Capsules
CoQ10 400 mg Softgels
CoQ10 60 mg Veg Capsules
CoQ10 600 mg Softgels
Creatine Monohydrate 750 mg Veg Capsules
Creatine Monohydrate, Micronized Powder
Creatine Monohydrate Powder
CurcuFRESH™ Curcumin Veg Capsules
Dandelion Root 500 mg Veg Capsules
Dandelion Tea, Organic
Date Sugar, Organic
DGL with Aloe Vera Veg Capsules
DHA-1000 Fish Oil, Extra Strength Softgels
DHA-250 Fish Oil Softgels
DIM 200 Diindolylmethane Veg Capsules
Dong Quai 520 mg Veg Capsules
Echinacea 400 mg Veg Capsules
Egg White Protein, Unflavored Powder
Eleuthero 500 mg Veg Capsules
Empty Capsules, Gelatin, #1
Empty Capsules, Gelatin, #3
Empty Capsules, Gelatin, Double "00"
Empty Capsules, Gelatin, Single "0"
Empty Capsules, Gelatin, Triple "000"
Empty Capsules, Vegetarian, Double "00"
Empty Capsules, Vegetarian, Single "0"
Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg Softgels
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic
Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil, Organic
Fenugreek 500 mg Veg Capsules
Flax Oil 1000 mg Softgels
Fo-Ti 560 mg Veg Capsules
GABA 500 mg Veg Capsules
Gastro Comfort™ with PepZin GI™ Veg Capsules
Ginger Dices, Crystallized & Organic
Ginger Root 550 mg Veg Capsules
Ginger Slices, Crystallized & Organic
Ginkgo Biloba, Double Strength 120 mg Veg Capsules
GlucoFit® Softgels

Anonymous said...

NOW Foods (con't):

Glucomannan Pure Powder
Glucosamine '1000' Veg Capsules
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Extra Strength Tablets
Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM Veg Capsules
Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Trace Minerals Veg Capsules
Glucosamine & MSM Veg Capsules
Glucosamine Sulfate 750 mg Capsules
Glycine 1000 mg Veg Capsules
Golden Flax Seed Meal, Organic
Golden Flax Seeds, Organic
GoldenBerries, Organic
Goldenseal Root 500 mg Veg Capsules
Gotu Kola 450 mg Veg Capsules
Graviola 1000 mg, Double Strength
Graviola 500 mg Veg Capsules
Green Kick™ Tea, Organic
Green Tranquility™ Tea, Organic
Hawthorn Berry 540 mg Veg Capsules
Hazelnuts, Dry Roasted & Unsalted
Hemp Seed Oil 1000 mg Softgels
Kelp Powder, Organic
L-Arginine Powder
L-Carnitine 250 mg Veg Capsules
Lecithin 1200 mg Softgels
Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil, Organic
Liver Caps Capsules
Liver Powder
L-Ornithine Powder
L-Tyrosine Powder
Lutein 10 mg Softgels
Lutein & Zeaxanthin Softgels
Lycopene 10 mg Softgels
Lycopene 20 mg Softgels
Maca 500 mg Veg Capsules
Macadamia Nut Cooking Oil in Glass Bottle
Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted & Salted
Macadamia Nuts, Raw & Unsalted
Macular Vision Softgels
Mango Slices
Maple Syrup, Organic Grade A Dark Color
Matcha Green Tea Powder, Organic
MCT Oil 1000 mg Softgels
MCT Oil, Chocolate Mocha
MCT Oil Liquid in Glass Bottle
MCT Oil Liquid in Plastic Bottle
MCT Oil, Organic
MCT Oil, Vanilla Hazelnut
Melatonin 3 mg Veg Capsules
Melatonin 5 mg Sustained Release Tablets
Melatonin 5 mg Veg Capsules
Melatonin, Extra Strength 10 mg Veg Capsules
Methyl B-12 5000 mcg Veg Capsules
Micellar Casein, Unflavored Powder
Milk Thistle Extract 150 mg Silymarin (120 mg) Veg Capsules
Milk Thistle Extract, Extra Strength 450 mg Softgels
Millet, Organic
Modified Citrus Pectin Pure Powder
MSM 1000 mg Veg Capsules
MSM 1500 mg Tablets
MSM Powder
Mung Beans
Noni 450 mg Veg Capsules
Oat Milk Powder, Organic
Omega-3 Mini Gels Fish Oil Softgels
Omega-3, Molecularly Distilled & Enteric Coated Softgels
Omega-3, Molecularly Distilled Fish Softgels
Pantothenic Acid 500 mg Veg Capsules
Papaya Spears
Pau D'Arco 500 mg Veg Capsules
Pea Protein, Organic Powder
Pea Protein, Pure Unflavored Powder
Pecans, Organic, Raw & Unsalted
Pecans, Raw & Unsalted
Peppermint Tea, Organic
Phosphatidyl Serine 300 mg, Extra Strength
Pine Nuts, Raw Organic
Pineapple Rings
Pistachios, Roasted & Salted
Policosanol 10 mg Veg Capsules
Policosanol, Extra Strength 40 mg Veg Capsules
PQQ Energy Veg Capsules
Psyllium Husk Caps 500 mg Veg Capsules
Psyllium Husk Powder
Psyllium Husk Powder, Organic
Psyllium Husks, Whole
Pumpkin Seed Oil 1000 mg Softgels
Pumpkin Seed Protein, Organic Powder
Pumpkin Seeds, Raw & Unsalted
Pyruvate Veg Capsules
Quinoa Macaroni Pasta, Organic
Quinoa Penne Pasta, Organic
Quinoa Spaghetti Pasta, Organic
Quinoa Whole Grain, Organic
Red Clover 375 mg Veg Capsules
Red Yeast Rice 600 mg with CoQ10 30 mg Veg Capsules
Rice Bran, Stabilized
Royal Jelly 1000 mg Softgels
Royal Jelly Veg Capsules
Saccharomyces Boulardii Veg Capsules
Saffron 50 mg Veg Capsules
Senna Leaves 470 mg Veg Capsules
Shark Cartilage 750 mg Capsules
Silver Sol Spray and Liquid
Slippery Elm 400 mg Veg Capsules
Slippery Elm Powder
Soy Isoflavones 60 mg Veg Capsules
Soy Protein Isolate, Unflavored Powder
Spirulina 500 mg, Organic Tablets
Spirulina 500 mg Veg Capsules
Spirulina, Organic Powder
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder
Sunflower Lecithin 1200 mg Softgels
Sunflower Lecithin Pure Powder
Sunflower Liquid Lecithin
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Super Antioxidants Veg Capsules
Super Colostrum 500 mg Veg Capsules
Super Omega EPA Fish Oil, Double Strength Softgels
Super Primrose 1300 mg Softgels
Tapioca Flour, Organic
TLC™ Throat & Lung Care Tea
Tri-Color Quinoa, Organic
Ubiquinol CoQH-CF™ Softgels
Ultra Omega 3-D™ Fish Oil (Fish Gelatin) Fish Softgels
Ultra Omega-3 (Fish Gelatin) Fish Softgels

Anonymous said...

NOW Foods (con't):

Vegetable Glycerin
Virgin Coconut Cooking Oil, Organic
Virgin Coconut Oil in Glass Jar, Organic
Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic
Vitamin D-3 1000 IU Softgels
Vitamin A 10,000 Softgels
Vitamin D-3 10,000 IU Softgels
Vitamin D-3 2000 IU Softgels
Vitamin A 25,000 Softgels
Vitamin D-3 5000 IU Softgels
Vitamin D-3 50,000 IU Softgels
Vitamin E-1000 Mixed Tocopherols Softgels
Vitamin E-200 D-Alpha Tocopheryl Softgels
Vitamin D-3 Liquid
Walnuts, Raw & Unsalted
Wheat Germ Oil Liquid
Wheat Grass Powder, Organic
Whey Protein Concentrate, Unflavored Powder
Whey Protein Isolate, Unflavored Powder
Whole Psyllium Husks, Organic
Zinc Glycinate Softgels